Close-Up Television Spotlights Gayle Faulkner Fine Art

Overland Park, KS – Gayle Faulkner is an artist that paints with acrylics. The type of paintings that she does is known as textual impressionism. What is most unique about her work is that she mostly uses a pallet knife, as opposed to a paintbrush.

“Textural painting is acrylic paint when you add things like acrylic modeling paste and acrylic gel, they thicken the paint, and they allow for it to be more textural, so that it has a 3D-ish effect and you can see the depth within the painting,” explains Gayle. “There are many layers in any given area.”

Impressionism is defined by Gayle in the following way. “When an artist is immersed in the creative process, their connection to the subject comes through,” defines Gayle. “The impressionist artist lets their passion create in the moment application of paint with light and shadow as well as layers of color. I rely on my memory and mind’s eye as I paint and therefore allow the painting to become a happening.”

“I paint primarily landscapes,” notes Gayle.

You can see her artwork on public display at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York on Saturday June 10th.

For more information about Gayle, please visit her website at and her pages on Facebook and Instagram. You may also explore her art at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery.