Gayle Faulkner

Head Shot 2023

Gayle Faulkner has been painting for more than 35 years. She took a couple of workshops introducing the elements and principles of design in the medium of watercolor.

Gayle Faulkner recently started a new adventure with textural acrylic art. Her preference is using palette knives in conjunction with acrylic paint, gels and modeling paste. This has opened a new window of creativity using colorful textures. Gayle has sold her watercolor/mixed media paintings in juried shows and exhibitions, She also won many awards and has her work in collections around the world.

Gayle Faulkner has termed her paintings Textural Acrylics. She gets very excited as she watches the paint come off the palette knife in a variety of textures and combinations of color. Every painting is full of emotion and in-the-moment creativity.

Gayle starts with an idea and a very loose drawing and then become immersed in the process. She has always said that a painting is like a child that you nurture. You have conversations with and work through the teenage angst with love and patience. As a result, what emerges is a beautiful adult.

When she does her textural acrylic painting, she puts on the music (louder than she would have let her children play it). Then she dances to the beat and even sings, which she says is a terrible sound.

Gayle wants her joy to come across to the viewer and have them share the beautiful place that she has created. “All are invited to enter the painting, smell the flowers, listen to the rustle of the leaves, lean against a tree and just breathe.”